Greetings from the Chancellor 

Since May 17th 2018, I am honored to take on the rectorate at Valladolid’s University (UVa), after the development of an administration program that I prepared together with collaborators, teachers and scientists like me, in order to push aside the dangerous stagnation that the UVa has been suffering of during the last years. I am convinced that remaining motionless means, in practice, to go backwards. And since the other universities do keep their progress, I consider it necessary to make a plan for the short- and long-term, which makes up my University Project, in order to position the UVa in a situation that would let it prosper in all its commitments: formation, investigation, technological innovation and development and, in one word, its service towards the society
The university community has entrusted me its management for the next four years, in which I pretend to recuperate the essence of the UVa as a meeting point for dialogue and discussion and a place of engendering and conveyance of knowledge. I as well want to make it essential within the society and the globalised world. Therefore, we need to promote the results of our accomplishments and turn it into a model of progression and development towards the future. With everyone’s help, I commit myself to achieve a more efficient and dynamic institution, that will have the students as the main focal point. But first and foremost, it will support the people and will properly be integrated within the society. Together with my team. I will develop politics in order to: reverse the personnel ageing; support investigation, innovation and knowledge transfer; support every specialty and degrees; encourage master titles and the internationalisation; contribute to a fluid intern and extern communication; foster the university’s mark so that we will all feel represented by it; change the economic policies in order to invest in excellence and not in a dull future. All of this, of course, with total transparency, a good administration, participation, dialogue and in quest of consensus. 


The University of Valladolid stands out for its transparency

The UVa obtains the second place in the Ranking of Transparency of Universities, and the same position in the Transparency Ranking of Public Administrations

– To see the Ranking:https://bit.ly/2H45KYn

– To see the specific valoration of UVa: https://bit.ly/2Ri6Mov